First Meeting Minutes

Thank you to Megan, Casey, Robert, Garrett, MacKenzie, Rachel, Evan, Sarah, and Laura who attended our first meeting of the semester! Vegetarian and Vegan group couldn’t do it without your great input. For everyone who couldn’t make it, we missed you, but we hope to see you soon!

The following are things we established as a group during the meeting:

  • Elections will be held at our next meeting, September 20th (positions and their duties listed at the bottom of this post)
  • Amanda will get approval to host a Vegetarian information table (tentatively on a thursday during busy class hours) Volunteers for this table are appreciated!
  • Amanda will receive approval to hold a vegan bake sale the week of Sept. 20
  • Megan will attain a reservation for the community kitchen in Butterfield Hall (brody complex) so we may meet there on September 20th to cook dinner and bake for the vegan bake sale!
  • Amanda will talk to the UAB to have the movie Forks Over Knives shown at the campus cinema. Upon approval, we will require campus wide advertising (via emails and flyers)
  • Laura Dilley is our faculty advisor for the group.  She is an excellent resource for anything you need or questions you have.  If you are interested in flyering for Vegan Outreach, she can supply you with pamphlets. Her email address is
  • We established the most popular goals for the group this year:

Network and make friends with other vegetarians

Obtain support from other vegetarians

Spread information to others on campus

Cook delicious food and have awesome potlucks

  • The following are the board positions to be filled at elections on September 20th:

President: Offers suggestions regarding group activities; sets meeting dates and agendas; regularly attends meetings; attends meetings and functions required by MSU for ongoing student activity recognition.

Vice President: Acts as liaison between the club and the MSU community; promotes the club generally through postering, chalking, and other public relations activities; regularly attends meetings; maintains (or if necessary helps to create) the website. If there is a Technical Guru/Webmaster, the Vice President shares responsibilities for web page creation and updates with the Technical Guru/Webmaster.

Secretary: Takes minutes at meetings; sends reminder emails about meetings; books rooms for activities and obtains tickets for events, etc.; attends meetings regularly.

Treasurer: Deals with all money matters for the club; prepares and submits budgets for MSU funds by the appropriate deadline(s); plans, coordinates, and executes fundraising activities; attends any MSU-required Treasurer training; regularly attends meetings.

Officer-at-Large: Assists other officers generally in performing their duties; serves as a proxy by attending meetings required by MSU for club recognition when other officers are unable to attend; regularly attend meetings.

Technical Guru/Webmaster: In charge of web design and maintenance for the club; maintain and update email list.

  •  Please prepare a short speech of why you would like to hold any one of these positions and we will vote at our next meeting, Tuesday September 20th.


Here is the trailer for the movie Forks Over Knives

Semester Meeting Dates

Hello everyone,

As you well know, the school year is about to start, and Sparticipation is less than a week away!  Meetings will be held at 6pm on the first and third tuesdays of every month beginning September 6th. We will meet at Wanderer’s Teahouse and Cafe at 547 East Grand River Avenue (west of Taco Bell and east of the Peanut Barrel). The following are the meeting dates for this semester:

September 6*, 20

October 4, 18

November 1, 15

December 6, 20**

*During our first meeting we will prepare for board elections which will be held in October.

**The date of the last meeting in December is subject to change.  Attendance much appreciated; we will be planning activities for spring semester.

I recommend you add these dates to your calendar.  Our other activities may be on other days or times and in the weeks between our set meeting dates.

Looking forward to the new school year!

August Activities

Hello MSU students! Today is the first day of August, and that means that the beginning of the semester is exactly four weeks away, and SPARTICIPATION is a day after that!  You can believe we are getting excited to begin our second year on campus.  Amanda is working on a tentative schedule and a display and goodies for Sparticipation.  We are always looking to hear everyone’s input about what they want to do this year, in addition to the exciting events and excursions we will enjoy!  Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the start of fall semester 2011!